Производитель Italian
Модель MAR _ UTITA 60-260
Год выпуска 2016
Местонахождение Румыния RO
Категория Расточные станки - глубокое растачивание/сверлильные станки
ID номер P00212052

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Детальная информация

Макс. диаметр заточки260.0 mm
Длина заготовки9000.0 mm
Высота центра
Диаметр заготовки
Вес обрабатываемой детали
Скорость шпинделя1500 rpm
Диаметр отверстия в шпинделе
Мощность двигателя7.0 kW
Длина х ширина х высота 24000.0 mm × 5000.0 mm × 2300.0 mm
Вес45000.0 kg
Часы наработки 3 часы
Часы включения 20 часы
Состояние в отличном состоянии
Маркировка CE ---------
Статус не включен




MAR 60-250 x 9000


MAR 60-250 x 9000


Chapter 1 Introduction page 3

Chapter 2 Operating conditions page 3

Chapter 3 Technical description of the machine page 4

3.1. Component parts page 4

3.2. Component parts description page 5

Chapter 4 Machine functioning page 8

Chapter 5 Main technical characteristics page 9

Chapter 6 Work safety measures and fire prevention in service



This Instruction Manual is intended to make you familiar with the mounting, commissioning and operation of the boring-rolling machine MAR 60-250 mm x 9000mm.
Knowing the components of the machine and how it works is very important for the purpose of commissioning and efficient exploitation.
By following the instructions in this manual, you will be able to prevent malfunctions and the technological process will be carried out in optimal conditions, ensuring a superior quality of the machining.
Prior to commissioning of the MAR 60-250x9000, a careful consideration of all the control elements is required.


The boring-rolling machine MAR 60-250x9000 is designed to operate in a temperate climate zone, in closed spaces like industrial halls.
The operating conditions are as follows:

- ambient temperature during:
- use : + 5°C...+35°C ;
- transport : - 25°C ... +55°C ;
- storage :- 25°C... +55°C , according STAS 8138-
- maximum altitude 1200 m ;

- relative monthly average humidity, reported to 20°C, should not exceed 80%, according EN 60204 ;

- penetration degree of foreign bodies and water , IP 54 , according EN 60529


Boring and superfinishing machine by rolling tubes, MAR 60-250x9000, is specially designed for internal processing of tubes using a combined tool that performs the boring-rolling operation.
Boring-rolling machine for hydraulic cylinders, MAR 60-250x9000, can process through boring-rolling method, internal diameters from 60 mm to 250 mm over a length of 4000 to 9000 mm.
Boring-rolling machine for hydraulic cylinders, MAR 60-250x9000 has a flatness of 0.02mm/1000mm in the transversal and longitudinal direction, of 0.03mm/1000mm, quotas made between the extreme centers (gearbox, rear windows, adduction head, vice and rear locking head).
The radial race of the gearbox shaft is 0.03mm/1000mm according to the quality standards for these machines.
Advancing work horizontally has a very high precision, rigidity, it is silent, due to the double reducers existing in the two sledges - gearbox, adduction head - as well as the two racks disposed on both sides of the machine guides.
The silence of the gearbox is also due to the fact that the transmission and the variation of the number of rotations/ minute are made electronically which does not affect the cutting force.

3.1. Component parts

1. Mechanical guidance, drive and lubrication.
2. Hydraulic drive, feed, semi-finished and product transfer
3. Pneumatic clamping-releasing system.
4. Tool cooling system and chip evacuation (3 liquid cooling tanks communicating with each other, one feeder with decantation areas, one drain equipped with slurry decantation areas and magnetic filters, a SETIMA Pump 8501t/min; code GR70 SMT 800L RF2, oil and chips adduction and evacuation system, chips reception tank.
5. Semi-finished feed table (bed)
6. Semi-finished loading/unloading and transfer system
7. Semi-finished storage table (bed)
8. Electromechanical and electronic command system.

3.2. Component parts description

3.2.1. Guide, drive and lubrication mechanical part
a) Frame – consisting of:
-3 active sections (facilitates the actual processing activity):
- total length=13500mm
- width=550mm
- height =750mm
-3 passive sections (support, guide and semi-finished clamping):
- total length =11500mm
- width =500mm
- height =750inm
b) Adduction head — consisting of:
- adduction head, semi-finished guiding and blocking
- sledge lubrication system
- sledge movement
- electric motor 4 kw/1500 rot/min
- instrument board
c) Tool rotating mechanism — consisting of:
- variable speed gearbox + electric motor 37kw x 1500rot/min
- sledge movement + electric motor 7kw/ 500rot/min, provided with encoder reading system and delineating the axis quota „o / x’’
- sledge lubrication system
- pneumatic system for indexing tool
d) Toolholder shaft rear windows-4 pieces consisting of:
- rear windows movement sledge
- support and centering rear window for toolholder shaft, maximum 130mm in diameter, equipped with oscilating bearings
- individual lubrication system
- impact system and stroke limitation

3.2.2. Hydraulic transfer system for semi-finished and finished product
a) Hydraulic feeding and transfer mechanism -2 pieces:
- mechanical subassembly
- translation sledge depending on the location area
- hydraulic system (hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic connectors, HIWIN sliding systems, stroke sensors)
- hydraulic group (placed under the unloading, storage table)
- hydraulic pump
- electric motor 12 kw x 1500 rot/min

3.2.3. Semi-finished catching-centering pneumatic system -3 pieces
- translation sledge according the placing area of pneumatic vise (pneumatic drive and control)
- prisms and plane parts specific for the various outer diameters of the semi-finished

3.2.4. Cooling and chip evacuation system
- pumping station: 1 SETIMA pump 8501t/min; code GR70 SMT 800L RF2, oil supply hose
- 3 feeding–evacuation oil tanks equipped with decantation system, mechanical-magnetic filtering ; Capacity: 3000 liters
- chip collection tank equipped with chip collection mechanical system (iron plate, perforated with 3 mm holes)
communication pipe for tanks (collection tank and feeding tank)

3.2.5. Semi-finished feed table (bed)
3.2.6. Semi-finished storage table (bed)
3.2.7. Electromechanical and electronic command system.
electric command line
control panel placed on the adduction head
electric drive motors
electric installation (according to the drawing attached to the technical manual)

Performing a processing on the rolling-boring machine includes the following technological operations:
- connection to the electrical grid via the switch placed on the electric control panel
- mounting on the machine the accessories required for machining (head adduction bushings, rear locking head bushings, toolholder shaft rear windows bushings, toolholder shaft, prisms and parallel plane parts corresponding to the diameters to be machined according the attached table, combined tool, indexing)
- withdrawing the tool in its original position of „0"(zero)
- this quota is set on touch-screen
- feeding with semi-finished product the pneumatic clamping and locking system with the aid of the feed and transfer mechanism
- driving the rear locking head until it it sealed with the bush from the adduction head
- must be set the quota of clamping and releasing the tool (the length of the workpiece + quota of releasing the boring box and driving the rolling box)
- the cooling and evacuation pump is connected
- setting the working mode on the touch screen
- engaging the toolholder shaft
- the work advance is set
- after the tool reaches the established longitudinal machining quota, the tool is indexed and the work advance is connected - the boring tool is disarmed and the rolling tool is armed helped by the pneumatic indexer
When the tool reaches the "0" position (zero), the machine stops automatically
- the cooling system stops
- the rear locking head is unlocked, the adduction head on a safety distance to measure the achieved quota.
- the vices are unlocked
- the transfer mechanism that transfers and unloads the piece onto the storage table is activated, it returns to its original position and feeds the machine with another piece
During processing, the operator checks the previously machined finite piece, both dimensionally and roughly at both ends, inside and over the entire length, in order to detect possible scratches.
At the beginning of the shift, the oil tanks of the sledges which move the toolholder shaft rear windows must be refilled, the oil level from the lubrication system of the gearbox sledges, rear locking head, sledge reducers, adduction head and gearboxes, must be also checked and filled


- Minimum boring-rolling diameter: 60 mm
- Maximum boring-rolling diameter: 250mm
- The minimum length of the tubes to be machined: 4000mm
- The maximum length of the tubes to be machined: 9500 mm
- Voltage / Frequency of Power Supply: 3x380V / 50Hz
- Electric motors and actuators:
- toolholder bar drive motor
Power: 37kW
Rated speed: 1500rot/min
- actuator for CV sledge moving
Power: 7kW
Rated speed: 1500rot/min
- motor for adduction head sledge moving
Power: 4kW
Rated speed: 1500rot/min
- motor for rear sledge moving
Power: 4kW
Rated speed: 1500rot/min
- hydraulic group motor
Power: 12kW
Rated speed: 1500 rot/min
- motor for lubrication of the CV sledge
Power: 0kW
Rated speed: 1500 rot/min
- motor for lubrication adduction head sledge
Power: 0,09kW
Rated speed: 1500rot/min
- motor for lubrication rear sledge
Power: 0,09kW
Rated speed: 1500rot/min
- motor for cooling system
Power: 2x15kW
Rated speed: 1500rot/min
- Approximate dimensions of the gauge
Length: 25000 mm
Width: 6000 mm
Height: 2100 mm
- Mass of the machine:
-right frame, pos 1(fig 1) 16to
-left frame, pos 8 (fig 1) 12to
-loading mass of semi-finished products, pos 15 (fig 1) 1,2to
-discharge mass of processed tubes, pos 13 (fig 1) 1,5to
-cooling tanks 1,1 to
-hydraulic group, pos 16 (fig 1) 0,4to
-electric panel, pos 18 (fig 1) 0,6to

Total mass: ~~ 32 tons


The machine will be handled only by qualified and trained personnel who will be trained to work in mechanical workshops according to specific regulations
During operation, the operator will wear the protective equipment.
It is not allowed to adjust the moving elements during operation.
No dismantling is permitted in the hydraulic system if it is in operation or under pressure.
It is forbidden to work in the machining cycle without all the shields being mounted.
Access to the electrical system is not allowed except with the disconnected general switch and only by authorized personnel.
All metallic parts of the machine, which are normally not under tension, will be connected to the grounding belt of the production site.
Repairs to this machine will be carried out by dedicated staff specifically entrusted with this mission and trained for this purpose.
Regarding the location of the machine to the customer, the work safety rules will be respected.

Annex 1

No. Tube O.D. Buffering element “V” Prism Addition Guide bush
1415103021 17,321
2 Ø80 Small side up 14,434
3 Ø85 Small side up 11,547
4 Ø90 Small side up 8,660
5 Ø95 Small side up 5,774
6 Ø100 Small side up 2,887
7 Ø105 Small side up 0
8 Ø110 Small side up 14,434+5,774
9 Ø115 Big side up 17,321
10 Ø120 Big side up 14,434
11 Ø125 Big side up 11,547
12 Ø130 Big side up 8,660
13 Ø135 Big side up 5,774
14 Ø140 Big side up 2,887
15 Ø145 Big side up 0
16 Ø150 Big side up 14,434+5,774
17 Ø155 1415.103.022 17,321
18 Ø160 1415.103.022 14,434
19 Ø165 1415.103.022 11,547
20 Ø170 1415.103.022 8,660
21 Ø175 1415.103.022 5,774
22 Ø180 1415.103.022 2,887
23 Ø185 1415.103.022 0
24 Ø190 1415.103.022 31,754
25 Ø195 1415.103.023 28,868
26 Ø200 1415.103.023 17,321
27 Ø220 1415.103.023 11,547
28 Ø230 1415.103.023 0,000
29 Ø250 1415.103.023 17,321
30 Ø270 1415.103.035 11,321
31 Ø280 1415.103.035 11,547
32 Ø300 1415.103.035 0,000

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