Аукционы и оценка подержанного оборудования в Европе

Area Covered - The company has 16 offices throughout Europe and can thus operate everywhere in Europe.

Detailed description of industrial assets sale and apparaisal

Our partner is the European leader for the appraisal and the sale of industrial assets (private treaty, auctions, invitation to tender) and handles more than 800 sales a year. He works regularly with large industrial firms, especially for the sales of surplus equipments as well as for the reorganizations or plants closing. For sales being held in France, he has the auction license for having sales both online and offline (Agrément 2002-169) with its own team and its own auctionneer.

Organization of industrial sales:

In order to maximize the chances of reaching international buyers interested in the equipments for sale, our partner has an international database and uses powerful B2B marketing solutions. Its auction website (more than 30 million pageviews) is an efficient and modern tool, easy to be used and easy to access which makes bidders competing and thus produces the best sales results.


Our partner also offers services of industrial assets appraisal, he is working for financial institutions and industrial companies to give Market Values (Fair Market Value in Place, Fair Market Value Removed, Liquidation Value, etc.) for the industrial equipments his clients want to sell. These results are authenticated by his experts. They help the client taking a decision about what to do with the equipments (re-use in the group, external sale, scraphead).

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